Quienes somos / Who are we ?

WAWEWI is the brand dedicated to the world of frozen yogurt. It is one of the brands of the Ramón Sirvent group.

Ramón Sirvent is a group of companies related to ice cream since 1.917, with different names and brands, in the sector of:
– industrial ice cream
– processing of raw materials for the ice cream industry
– artisanal ice cream
– own franchise of artisan ice cream
– frozen yogurt franchise elaboration
– processing of raw materials for frozen yogurt

With an experience of 100 years, we are able to meet any challenge in our sector.


Hundreds of products have come out of our hands
Products: invented or improved and simply: made.
7 new flavors each year in ice cream, is a necessity for us.
Subjected to rigorous certificates and checks.
To give their customers more than they pay.


Customizing flavors we give each CLIENT what you want.
From the beginning it has been an essential part of our philosophy.
More flavor, less calories
More creaminess, lighter, more illusion, more future.


It is one of our most effective facets since 1970
There are many international customers satisfied with our services.
We collaborate with 2 export companies of total effectiveness.
No problem the product will arrive in your country on the scheduled date.
Because there is more important issue than selling to us your trust.


Our purpose your satisfaction
Without our client’s trust nothing would have been possible.
For me it was complicated: weigh raw materials, weigh and add natural yogurt. With this method is very simple: a bag, milk, stir and machine. My shops works well, my clients very happy.
Very surprised by the taste, it is very creamy. This yogurt attracts new customers and this is very important for me
I have always tried to keep my customers happy: frozen yogurt stores and franchises. Working with this products for several years, I have not had any problems.
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